Student Projects 2009

Harvard College

  • Spencer Byrnes (CMHI archives)
  • Alyce deCarteret* (Maya communities, Copan, Honduras & southeastern Guatemala)
  • Elizabeth Gettinger* (Gordon R. Willey slide archive & web project; Archaeological ethnicity study, Copan, Honduras; President, Anthropology Club)
  • Laura Lacombe* (Maya and Teotihucan architecture)
  • Lorena Lama* (Gordon R. Willey slide archive & web project)
  • Emily Pierce* (Ceramic type collection Project Intern)

Doctoral Candidates

Postdoctoral Candidates

  • Thomas Garrison* (Department of Anthropology, Archaeology Wing Tutor)
  • Ann Sieferle-Valencia* (Curatorial inventory of ceramic type collections)
  • Alexandre Tokovinine (CMHI Research Associate, 3-D scanning program)

Affiliate Schools

  • Kenneth Seligson* (General Lab intern; BA Brown University)

 *Alumna/us of Harvard Field School in Copan, Honduras.

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