Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos

 Making a calaca mask

Making a calaca mask.

Grades 2–12, 60 Minutes

Integrates with studies of

  • Mexico and Mexican people today and in the past
  • Customs from around the world
  • Spanish language
  • Visual arts interdisciplinary connections

Program Description

On the Day of the Dead, November 2nd, Mexicans celebrate death as a part of life. Visit an ofrenda or altar to explore the elements of this festival through hands-on artifacts. Then make a take-home craft. Choose at the time of reservation either calacas (skull masks) or cempasúchils (paper flowers). This presentation encourages student participation, including discussion and handling artifacts. The class takes place in the Encounters with the Americas galleries.

For information, reservations, special requests, or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Cathy Kittredge at 617-495-3216 or email


$200 per 25 students, 30 students maximum. Groups of 26 or more students, $8 per student. One adult per 5 students required and admitted free. Contact Cathy Kittredge (above) for information on fee reductions.

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