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Watch Prof. Stephen Greenblatt explain why the Peabody is a great resource for students.

"The Peabody, for me, is a place of opportunity. My experience as a work-study research assistant has gone far beyond the basic job description; nowhere else would I have had such opportunities to work with, and learn from, such an array of brilliant researchers while getting to build exhibits, make curatorial decisions, and pursue my own research interests."

—Tanner Amdur-Clark

"From the Oceanic material to the Native American material...this huge variety [at the Peabody Museum] is very important. ...People in every culture worldwide, for the whole of history, have made fascinating things that we can actually examine and see in three dimensions, in ways that are so much more vivid than can ever be the case on a computer screen."

--Ivan Gaskell, Margaret S. Winthrop Curator of Paintings, Sculpture, and Decorative Arts in the Harvard Art Museum, and Senior Lecturer on History, Harvard University


The Peabody Museum is a portal to the cultural diversity of the world by preserving collections that offer opportunities for understanding human origins and cultures for contemporary and future generations. As a student at Harvard University, you have special access to these collections and a variety of opportunities for interacting with them.

Opportunities to make use of Museum collections and facilities include

  • Research. Collections can be used for research papers or larger research studies in Anthropology courses and other disciplines.

  • Senior Thesis. Millions of objects equal thousands of topics for senior theses.

  • Independent Study. Anthropology 92xr is a course designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain familiarity with Museum collections, procedures, and practices. You may also consult the policy of your specific school on independent study or research.

  • Internships.

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Students in English 127: Travel and Transformation on the High Seas: An Imaginary Journey in the Early 17th Century examine an African hat. Photo by Diana Loren.


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