The Harvard Yard Archaeology Project is a collaboration among the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University Native American Program, and the Department of Anthropology.

Student Curators
Danielle Charlap, Harvard College, Class of 2009
Rachel Sayet, Harvard Extension School, ALM Candidate
Nathaniel Amdur-Clark, Harvard College, Class of 2009
Caitlin Finch, Harvard College, Class of 2009
Indira Phukan, Harvard College, Class of 2009

Anthropology 1130/1131: Archaeology of Harvard Yard
Fall 2005, 2007; Spring 2008

Francois Allain, Nathaniel Amdur-Clark, Jessica Behm, Alexandra Berry, Brennan Bilberry, Kristin Blagg, Matthew Blake, Jennifer Blank, Katherine Brunson, James Canning, Ari Caramanica, Danielle Charlap, Sakura Christmas, Wilmarie Cidre, Alyce De Carteret, Delon De Metz, Ryan Delahoyde, Raffael Deluca, Matthew Foushee, Erin Frey, Kathryn Funderburk, Rachel Garwin, Elizabeth Gettinger, Sarah Glass, Melissa Goldman, Jennifer Gong, Genevieve Greer, Michael Hess, Kevin Hill, Miriam Hinman, Alexandra Hoffer, Brian Houlihan, Helen Human, Adam Kaplan, Eric Kester, Lacy Kline, Laura Lacombe, Nicole Ledoux, Kelsey Leonard, Hilary Lewis, Karan Lodha, Marissa Lopez, Danielle Mirabal, Karla Morey, Katherine Nishimura, Emily Pierce, Indira Phukan, Kristina Ranalli, Jonathan Ruane, Andrew Sadow, Bari Schwartz, Devon Sherman, Tiffany Smalley, Maggie Spivey, Walker Stanovsky, Jacob Stone, David Tannenwald, Roberto Travieso, Alana Van Loenen, Serena Wolf, Alyssa Wolff, Jayne Wolfson, Raudel Yanez, Caitlin Young, April Youpee-Roll, Lan Zhou

Course Instructors
William L. Fash, Patricia Capone, Christina J. Hodge, and Diana D. Loren

Teaching Fellows
Molly Fierer-Donaldson, Michele Koons

With Appreciation for their Contributions:

Cambridge Historical Commission
Charles Sullivan, Executive Director
Kathleen Rawlins, Assistant Director

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe
Vernon Lopez, Chief
Gail Hill, Museum Committee

Massachusetts Commission Of Indian Affairs
Maurice Foxx (Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe), Chairman [in memoriam]
John Peters, Jr. (Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe), Executive Director

Massachusetts Historical Commission
Ann-Eliza Lewis, former Curator/Archaeological Collections Manager

Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah)
Cheryl Andrews-Maltais, Chairwoman
Edith Andrews, Repatriation Officer
Jonathan Perry, Historic Preservation Department
Janette Vanderhoop, Aquinnah Cultural Center Program Coordinator
Tobias Vanderhoop, Tribal Administrator and Aquinnah Cultural Center Vice President
Berta Welch, Aquinnah Cultural Center President
Aquinnah HYAP Discussion Group

The project benefited from many individual contributors:

Lisa Brooks (Abenaki), Professor, History and Literature and Folklore and Mythology, Harvard University
Brian Casey, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
Dylan J. Clark, Consultant, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
Bruce Curliss (Nipmuc Nation), Consultant
Tom Garrison, Consultant, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
Gray Graffam, Anthropology Department, University of Waterloo
Vicki Jacobs, Associate Director of the Teacher Education Program and Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Malinda Maynor-Lowery (Lumbee), Professor, History, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Richard Meadow, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, Harvard University
Jackie Old Coyote (Apsaalooke (Crow) Nation/Ho-Chunk), Director of Education and Outreach, Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Ann Seiferle-Valencia, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
Elizabeth Solomon (Massachuseuk at Ponkapoag), Consultant
John Stubbs, Director of College Counseling, Paideia School
Shari Tishman, Research Associate, Harvard Project Zero and Lecturer, Arts in Education program, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Joshua Wright, Consultant, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

A special thank you to the following Harvard departments

Houghton Library
Hope Mayo, Philip Hofer Curator of Printing and Graphic Arts

Harvard Archives
Barbara Meloni, Public Services Archivist, Pusey Library
Robin McElheny, Associate University Archivist, Pusey Library

Harvard Yard Operations
Anthony Pacillo, Manager of Freshmen Dorms
Richard Picott, Senior Facility Manager
Carina Myteveli, Administrative Operations Officer
Helena Sousa, Office Manager
Paul Smith, Landscape Services Supervisor


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