Amazing Aztecs

educator points to large aztec throne.

Grades 4–7, 60 Minutes

"Excellent! Deep information, clear, lively, relevant. Surprisingly effective. Great on vocabulary. A top notch presentation. We stayed to draw and he continued to explain to small groups. They were so engaged with both Day of the Dead and the ancient Aztec artifacts."
—5th grade, Boston Collegiate Charter School, Dorchester, MA

Integrates with studies of

  • Ancient civilizations and characteristics of civilizations
  • The Aztecs
  • Contact between the Aztecs and the Spanish
  • Primary sources, primary documents, and archaeology

Program Description

Explore the Mexica and Aztec civilization through artifacts and primary documents. Use these primary sources to investigate the contact between Aztec and Spanish peoples and understand how bias can impact our understanding of evidence. This presentation encourages student participation, including discussion. The class takes place in the Encounters with the Americas galleries. Available in person.

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