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Peabody Museum Exhibitions

Experience 10,000 years of cultural history across six continents and eight galleries, in one of the North America's first anthropology museums.  

plumbate war jar with parrot.

Featured Gallery Exhibition

Muchos Méxicos explores Mexico’s rich history as a site of human innovation, creativity and cultural diversity. Featuring Mexican objects from the Peabody Museum collections, this bilingual exhibition tells the story of Mexico as a multicultural and geographic crossroads.

Muchos Méxicos: Crossroads of the Americas

Featured Online Exhibition

Wampanoag tribal members reflect on collections spanning the seventeenth to twentieth centuries and stewarded by the Peabody Museum. Listen in as they share memories, thoughts, and reflections about collection items made by their ancestors and relatives and learn how Wampanoag life and culture continues to flourish today.

Listening to Wampanoag Voices

wampanoag voices online exhibit.