Other Learning Opportunities

Anthropological collections are primary sources; they are the material culture of those who made, used, and accumulated them. Engaging with collections in addition to traditional written texts in your research and learning will challenge your approach to subject matter in new ways.

Peabody Museum artifacts, archives, and staff resources are available to you for class assignments, independent research, or in your search for inspiration to your studies.

Research Projects and Independent Study 

Millions of items can inspire thousands of topics for research papers across multiple  disciplines. Collections can be the focus of  short-term projects, such as course papers, as well as  longer-term in-depth studies, such as senior theses, independent study, or graduate student dissertations. Museum staff are available to help students devise and implement research projects.

Teaching Displays

Students are encouraged to showcase their research, and build their resumes, in the Peabody Museum’s Teaching Display case, located within the museum’s public galleries. Student-curated exhibits will receive the support and supervision of museum staff.

Work Study

Join our student staff for hands-on work with collections and learn about Museum procedures and projects while earning a paycheck.

To get started, search Collections Online to identify relevant collections. To submit your collections request, or to start a conversation with museum staff, use the online Collections Access Request Form.