Current Research


Woman in hat seated drawing in front of a Maya inscription
We are actively engaged in field research, documentation, and preservation of monuments at sites for publication under current CMHI director Barbara Fash. Our aim is to reach a broader audience, combine 3-D technology with traditional documentation, keep pace with the discovery of new monuments, and continue the folio publication series. To enhance accuracy of drawings, epigraphers assist with the review of new drawings prior to publication. 

a transparent slice view of three layers scans with a drawing layer above

The most recent CMHI publications : Tonina, Vol 9.2, Cotzumalhuapa Vol. 10.1, and soon to be released, Yaxchilan Vol. 3.4, are not yet online.

Image negatives and published drawings have been transferred to the Peabody Museum Archives Department, which are searchable in Online Collections. Ongoing work includes the digitzation of the vast historic board collection into the Peabody Museum database.

open file drawer with photo cardsGraham gave all Maya sites with inscriptions a three-letter code. An updated list can be viewed here 

This Corpus web page provides a digital resource for communities, students and scholars for quick access to the published monuments and site maps.

Read more about the 3-D technology initiatives (Symbols Spring 2008) for recording and preserving monuments: 3D optical scanning technology of the Hieroglyphic Stairway, Copan, Honduras3-D scanning pilot project.

Figures: Citlali Coronel checking drawing of Stela 3 at Yaxchilan, 2020.0.22.557; Electronic drawing layers; Historic board archive