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class in galllery.

Grades 3–5, 60 Minutes

"The program was wonderful, as in the past. It did a great job of presenting both an overview of how environment affected ways of life, but also went into concrete examples from a few regions. It was very interactive, which kept the students’ attention.”
    — 5th grade, Horace Mann School, Newton, MA

Integrates with studies of

  • First peoples & Native peoples, including the Wampanoag
  • Human interaction with the environment and natural resources
  • Basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter

Program Description

Explore cultural diversity and history among Native peoples in the Northeast, Southwest, and Arctic. Through guided discovery, students investigate food, clothing, and homes to understand how environment influences people and their culture. This presentation encourages student participation, including discussion. The class takes place in the Change and Continuity: Hall of the North American Indian galleries. Available in-person or virtually.

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