Virtual Aztec and Maya Leaders

museum educator at cart in gallery runs live virtual class.
A museum educator runs a live virtual class from the Encounters gallery.

Grades 5–8, 60 minutes

“They connect directly to our benchmarks and  curriculum."   —Teacher, Grade 5, Arlington

"Your presentations were awesome today...Your style was perfect for our students and they enjoyed the experience."   —Teacher, Grade 7, Weston

Integrates with studies of

  • Ancient civilizations

Program Description

A virtual field trip using Skype to highlight the monuments, buildings, and symbols associated with royal power in Maya and Aztec civilizations.

Students learn to read the built landscape to understand the responsibilities and benefits of leadership. A museum educator brings a live video camera into the exhibition to show examples of a codex, architectural models, rare stele, altars, and a obsidian sword as he asks and answers students’ questions. A companion PowerPoint slide show provides maps and photographic support to put the artifacts in context. The class is livestreamed to your classroom from the Encounters with the Americas galleries. 

See the FAQ for key information and technical requirements.

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